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What is The Berm Shed movie about?

The Berm Shed movie documents the construction of a shed using natural materials and roundwood timber framing, showing the step-by-step building process of the Berm Shed versions 1.0 to 3.0, joinery techniques, and other details related to natural building.

Why should one consider roundwood timber framing?

Roundwood timber framing is an extension of traditional timber framing that uses logs in their natural rounded form, celebrating the tree's form and resulting in unique, visually striking structures. It also emphasizes the use of local, minimally-processed materials, which aligns with the principles of natural building and permaculture.

How Long Will I Have Access

Many years, probably more than ten years.

What additional timber frame projects have been done at Wheaton Labs?

Besides The Berm Shed, the community at Wheaton Labs has constructed a Wofati Greenhouse in Montana using logs and mud found on the property, designed to maintain temperature without external energy sources, highlighting their commitment to energy-efficient and sustainable building practices.

Who will I learn from in The Berm Shed movie?

The instructors featured in The Berm Shed movie are Josiah Kobernik and Paul Wheaton. Kobernik has a background in agriculture, building, and homesteading, while Wheaton is an advocate of permaculture with extensive experience in permaculture design, podcasts, and instructional films.

How can I watch The Berm Shed movie?

The Berm Shed movie can be purchased for HD streaming, as a tiny download, HD download, or on a physical DVD. It is approximately 90 minutes long and available for purchase by going to the homepage.

What are some specific techniques or topics covered in The Berm Shed movie?

The movie covers various techniques such as roundwood timber framing joinery, how to replace a rotten post, the difference between timber frame and post and beam construction, and new designs for gin poles among others.

Is roundwood timber framing durable?

Yes, timber framing is known for its durability and robust construction, eschewing nails and screws in favor of wooden pegs or joinery cuts. This craftsmanship results in structures that can withstand the tests of time, weather, and use.

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Paul is the owner of the  He is also the founder of CoderanchRich Soil, an organic Master Gardener ProgramFree HeatWood Burning Stoves and Wheaton Labs.  He began his journey toward permaculture innovation in 1995.  At that time, he had created Bananacom, a program used to communicate between computers before there was even the internet. He received his Advanced Master Gardener certificate in 1997, and started writing articles about permaculture techniques in 1999 (he also started a forum to discuss java programming at the same time). Five years later, in 2004, Paul started up his permaculture forums. And things have grown exponentially since!